Your event 'live' at the event plaza
looking for a location for a concert or an event?

This 950 square meters area is ready 1200 guests sitting or 3000 guests standing. Key to the success of your celebration is the seamless integration of a host of essential support services. Under the watchful eye of our event coordinators, our hospitality specialists offer a dazzling array of food and beverage options tailored to your needs.

With first-class facilities and the highest standard of service, we can offer everything from a private party or a wedding for hundreds of guests to a modern concert, B2B party or after party. Organizational excellence in an exceptional venue a truly special day is assured.There is always a possibility to reduce an area to a smaller size.


There are 10 rest Roma available. Three entries which can be also used for VIP. There is an easy access to loading and unloading goods. There is a equipped professional sound system available.


Contact us today and allow us to guide you and tailor your requirements to ensure a smoothly and successful event.
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