Gentlemen Room has the perfect inspirering historical ambiance
Looking for a location for your meeting, congress or gallery

This area consist out of 4 different rooms, all with there own charm. The main area covers about 55 square meter. The other rooms are covering widely another 60 square meter. The middle room is ready for 80 guests sitting or 140 guests standing. And the other two rooms are both ready for 50 guests sitting or 80 guests standing. The Gentlemen room is the perfect room to let business happen, cause good business is the bloodline of every good business deal. It's the perfect area for an art gallery, business meeting, presentation or an afterparty.


This areas got two entrees. Inside there are toilets that can be used and besides that there is a chique bar standing for you already. In this area's provides a good audio system what is installed and directly ready to use.


Are you interested to hold your event at this area? We are ready to make your congress, concert or event succesful. If you have any questions please contact us on the number +59996900651 or send an email to